Okeford Fitzpaine Parish

Recreation ground

Pavillion at the recreation groundIn Castle Lane to the north of the village is an area of just over 8 acres providing a beautiful setting for many football matches, fetes and other recreational activities. It was bought for £400 in 1966 by the Parish Council from the Pitt-Rivers Estate which at that time sold over 1200 acres of land and properties in and around Okeford. Up until then the ground was rented.  A pavilion was built in 1953 and around that time or maybe earlier several pieces of play equipment were installed.

After much local fund raising, help from the National Lottery Sports Fund and a great deal of voluntary work 1997 saw the opening of an extension which provides excellent facilities for the many football teams junior and senior, the Youth Club formed in 1999 and to the other local organisations which use it.

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