Okeford Fitzpaine Parish

Village Community Group


It was suggested at a Parish Council meeting that consideration be given to setting up a Village Well Being Committee (Village Community Group). This group would operate under the wing of the Parish Council and would look after the overall attractiveness and well being of the village.

Consideration would be given to the village facilities, activities and concerns. It would address such things as:

  • A welcome booklet for new arrivals,

  • “Best Kept village” competition,

  • Current and future villager needs, fundraising and social events.

  • The promotion of the church, shop, pub, school and local clubs.

  • Timetabled bulk purchasing of such items as oil for heating.


The Group is open to all members from the community including those from the shop, church, pub, school, gardening club, bowls club and other interested parties.

Meetings are held on an “as and when” basis to put together an annual calendar of events for the village. Notifications of the meetings will be placed on the website and in the shop window.

A “welcome booklet” for new arrivals detailing the facilities and services available to them has been created and is available in the shop. The object is to bring together a closer community and a village that we can all be very proud of.

Mike Wood

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