Okeford Fitzpaine Parish

Renovation of the historic pound

An area cut into the steep bank of The Hollow to the south of the village in 1825. We are told that in days long gone this is where straying cattle were confined and where travellers could safely leave their stock overnight.

The grandfather of one of the oldest residents of the village (sadly recently deceased) was at one time the pinder of The Pound (the caretaker). Over the years there have been several attempts to renovate the Pound but it was in 2002 that work began in earnest. Volunteers started to clear years of undergrowth and overgrowth from the floor and above what remained of the wall.

A local expert rebuilt the dry stone wall using all the surviving stones and some imported Purbeck stone. Built into the wall is a stone carved by a local stonemason commemorating the volunteers and the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The floor is now levelled and posts put in to stop vehicles parking or turning. A seat donated by a local couple provides a peaceful resting place.

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